Is Arvind Kejriwal an RSS/BJP Agent?

Qus: Is Kejriwal a RSS plant?


Arvind Kejriwal hugs wife.

Ans: Rubbish! He is one of the very few leaders who have gave RSS a real scare off late.Qus: But AAP contesting elections helps BJP?
Ans: Did it in Punjab? Or in Goa? Manipur and Meghalaya it did not even contest

Q: But AAP’s mere presence helps BJP.
A: By this logic JP, George Fernandes, Sharad Yadav, Mulayam Singh Yadav are biggest RSS men- JP & George helped RSS become mainstream for the 1st time in India in 1977, Sharad and gang ‘Normalised’ it by allying with it since 1996 as Samta Party leaders. And Mulayam Singh Yadav: remember his betrayal of the entire liberal secular spectrum in 1998? His passive support to BJP led to Congress falling short of majority and Vajpayee became PM again. And of course his alliances: He allied with Kalyan Singh- the BJP CM who ensured demolition of Babri Mosque and also Sakshi Maharaj. Remember now BJP hate monger Sakshi was once a SP Rajya MP too.

Q: Why does Kejriwal sound so right wing sometimes then?
A: Because Right Wing is the common sense of the country that teaches its children to believe in caste and gender hierarchies, in Bharat Mata’s imagery, in Army is an unquestionable holy cow and what not. And who started it all? Congress!

What do you expect from someone, anyone, who grew up seeing military parades on 15 August and 26 January as national pride?

He is definitely a Centre Right politician- like 2/3rd of even Congress, and 90% of all other smaller parties that claim to be secular. And he has learnt from them and the times. Remember his Anti-Reservation days? When he used to address Youth for Equality rallies? He is definitely moving, if he hasn’t already, in the right direction from his earlier- commonsensical, economic right leaning politics with ample dose of patriotic imagery- Bharat Mata and Tiranga.

Q: Why did he offer to support BJP if it grants full statehood to Delhi?
A: I am not some magician to know why he did it. But it indeed was a super maverick move. He knows that BJP will never give full state status to Delhi. Thus the statement will keep him and AAP in news for a while. And what if BJP indeed gives? Then he would have full power to run Delhi and that will ensure hell’s wrath for the RSS clan- imagine AAP govt with a power to arrest whoever like BJP did with its MLAs.

Aad then, Congress has been calling him BJP agent, BJP’s B Team and what not since times immemorial- how does it change anything for him. Further: his support base is urban middle classes, especially middle and lower and urban poor to an extent. Service Delivery matters more to them than ideological nuances on any given day.

Q: And when Sharad Yadav(s), Nitish Kumar(s) and Ram Vilas Paswan(s) joining BJP ministries did not make them RSS men, how does Kejriwal’s mere statement makes him?

P.S You cannot fight those no morals, BJP in this case which can ally with even PDP nonchalantly by sticking to some archaic Dharm Yuddha rules from mythical Mahabharata. When enemy operates with Take No Prisoners- unleash CBI, ED, all we have on them- force them to join us like Mukul Roy(s) and Narayan Rane(s) or send them to jail like Lalu Prasad Yadav, being Arvind Kejriwal matters. Remember he famously called Narendra Modi ‘a coward and a psychopath’? And he has still not spent some quality time in some smart jail of the regime?

Congress, and the rest, will better come out of this knee jerk reaction and engage with him and AAP. Or they have Delhi experience to remember.


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